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Our class is called BASIC, which stands for: "Brothers and Sisters in Christ!"

All ages are welcome. We have members whose ages range from late-fifties to early 80's. Our class is made up of mostly married couples, but we have several members who have lost their spouses. Anyone and everyone is invited to join us as we pray for one another's needs and rejoice with those who have been blessed during the past week.

We send out a weekly email with our prayer list as a reminder to pray for the concerns during their daily devotions. We also send out emails as needs arise to alert members of a special prayer request.

We generally follow the "Explore the Bible Study Series." We use the series to engage in in-depth Bible study and seek to strengthen our commitment to live it out in our daily lives. We encourage class discussions related to the lesson. We encourage our members to faithfully use the Spiritual Gift(s) they have been blessed with to strengthen the Body of Christ.

Our class is faithful to support one another in times of need, whether its hospital visits, home visits, and preparing food for those who are sick, supporting those who have lost loved ones or suffered a loss of some kind. We enjoy getting together to fellowship with one another either at someone's home, a nearby restaurant, or "The Corner Café" at our church. Some ladies in our class have begun to meet for lunch at a local restaurant during the week for a time of fellowship and devotion. Some of our men meet in a member's home on Friday mornings for a time of fellowship and Bible study.

Our class members are willing to use the resources that God has blessed us with to better meet the needs of others. Several of the members rejoice in serving others by using their handyman skills. We eagerly support the fundraising activities of our youth and children. Our class monthly supports an orphan, as well as all the regular mission offers throughout the year.

Our class members are actively engaged in serving in many capacities within our church and community. We would love to have you join us!