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We are pleased to offer the Eastridge Baptist Dennis Memorial Scholarship again this year. The deadline for entry is May 16th, 2021. 

Scholarship Application Guidelines

  1. Scholarships will be offered to graduating high school seniors in good standing, attending an accredited four-year, two-year or vocational institution.
  2. The amount of the scholarship will be determined by the scholarship committee and will be payable to the student directly for school-related expenses. Preference may be granted to students attending an accredited Christian University.
  3. Applications will be judged on church involvement, academic achievement, career goals, and content of the essay.
  4. Applications, essays, and photos become the property of the Eastridge Baptist Church Scholarship Committee.
  5. Any falsification of the application or attachments to the application will cause the applicant to become ineligible for scholarship consideration.
  6. Applicant must be a member in good standing of Eastridge Baptist Church and attend regularly.
  7. Applicant must submit two (2) letters of recommendation. One letter must be from a church staff member and one must be from a member of their school faculty.*

Scholarship Application


Since the office is open periodically but with no regularity, you can turn your application into the church office by:

  • (1) Physically dropping it off in the mailbox at the church.
  • (2) Email it to: with the subject line: Scholarship Application Submission – [Your Name]

*NOTE: Given the current circumstances, we will accept a recommendation from a teacher in an email. Since contact is limited, we also understand if you are not able to provide a letter of recommendation from a teacher. We ask that you try, but if you cannot provide one, we will not penalize you. We do, however, ask that you let us know by providing a written statement in place of a teacher’s recommendation letter, so that your application is not counted as incomplete.