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Restoration - A View of the Bible from 30000ft

Series: A View of the Bible from 30000ft

There is one book and one story that will eventually come to an end. There is no stopping time. It keeps marching forward, which means God’s story will eventually come to an end whether we are ready for it to come or not.

As believers, we don’t have to fear the end of God’s story because we know how it will end. God gives us a sneak peek, a spoiler, if you will, of what His restoration project will look like when it is finished.Believe me, you want to be a part of God’s restoration project.   

How does God’s story end? And how can we experience the joys of the end of God’s story?

God’s restoration project ends with His New Covenant community living in a recreated and restored world, with unhindered access to God, worshipping Him as He perfectly reigns and rules over them.

We are able to experience the joys of the kingdom to come by believing the good news about Jesus — that He redeems us from our sin.

Speaker: Dr. Casey Lewis

August 2, 2020
Revelation 21:1-22:10

Dr. Casey Lewis

Senior Pastor

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