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The Parables of Jesus — The Wedding Feast

Series: The Parables of Jesus

God knows what is best for us. But He doesn’t keep that to Himself. Instead, He tells us what is best for us in His Word. He reveals His will to us to warn us of what will happen if we don’t live according to it. Not only does He warn us in His Word, but He also puts people in our lives to teach and guide us, as well as to hold us accountable. 

But even though God goes to great lengths to help guide and direct us, we often choose to do things our own way, to live according to our own understanding. 

Why do we continue to live according to our own understanding when it is clearly not good for us? What happens to those who reject God’s will, His wisdom for their own way of doing things?

Speaker: Dr. Casey Lewis

October 17, 2021
Matthew 22:1-14

Dr. Casey Lewis

Senior Pastor

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