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What is it that unifies the church?

Series: On Mission

A church is a lot like a sports team. Much in the same way, unity and camaraderie exist when we are all working together, and that unity is hindered when we all begin moving in opposite directions, or when we allow our own preferences to get in the way.

While it is a big deal for a team to be divided, it is an even bigger deal for a church to be divided. A lot more is on the line than winning a game or a championship. We are talking about people’s souls. Their growth in the Lord. The glory of God. There is a lot more on the line than winning a game.

So what can we do to make sure that we get out of the way so that we might remain unified?

Speaker: Casey Lewis

October 13, 2019
Matthew 28:19-20

Casey Lewis

Senior Pastor

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