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Going Beyond the Pew

To be an effective church, we need every member to be actively involved in one or more of the ministry areas. Please prayerfully consider which ministry area you would like to join and use your spiritual gift.

Prayer Team

The Prayer team is responsible for working with the individual Sunday School prayer teams to identify prayer requests and needs. The requests will be organized into a format for members to access and view.

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  • Develop communication and training for church members on how the prayer lists will be maintained and published
  • Ensure that all church members understand that ALL requests are important but that all cannot be listed in the bulletin at the same time – there just isn’t room.
  • Reach out to the different ministry teams or the Deacon body for support related to prayer requests.
  • Regularly meet as a team to pray.
  • Identify Sunday School prayer team leaders.
  • Help Sunday School prayer team leaders develop a standard form that can be used to input prayer requests.
  • Receive prayer requests from the different class coordinators each week and pass on to the rest of the prayer team.
  • Work with the IT team to get the prayer list set up on the church website.
  • Ensure the prayer requests on the website are updated each week.
  • Assist the administration team by creating the prayer list for the bulletin each week.

Audio Visual Team

The Audio Visual team is a team of volunteers who serve the Lord by being an extension of the pastor and the worship team, to the audience. Our goal is to seamlessly support the worship service.

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  • Operate the soundboard for each service held in the sanctuary.
  • Attend regularly scheduled practices.
  • Serve on a rotation so that others may also serve.
  • Operate the camera on Sunday mornings or during services where the overflow room is needed.
  • Serve on a rotation so that others may also serve
  • Update the Sunday morning slideshow as needed.
  • Operate the slideshow as requested during services.
  • Serve on a rotation so that others may also serve.

Music Ministry

The music ministry is a vital team in our church, leading the congregation in worship during our Sunday and Wednesday services. This team also creates and provides the special programs we enjoy each year. Examples include the Easter program, Patriotic programs, and the Christmas program.

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  • Lead the congregational worship each week.
  • Attend regularly scheduled practices (8:15 Sunday morning)
  • Be willing to serve on a rotation so that others may also serve.
  • Tryouts are required to serve on this team.
  • Practice on Sundays at 5:00 pm
  • Sing occasionally during the worship service
  • Participate in yearly programs (Easter, Christmas, Patriotic services)
  • Tryouts are not required to participate in the Choir, only a heart to worship the Lord in song.
  • Lead the congregation in worship through playing instruments.
  • This team includes talented musicians who have a heart to worship the Lord and a willingness to use their gifts in His service.
  • Attend regularly scheduled practices (before service Sunday AM and Sunday PM)
  • Must have the ability to play musical instruments with proficiency

Greeting Ministry

The Greeting Ministry has a priority of making every individual that steps into our church feel welcome. This includes first-time visitors as well as our existing church members. The goal is to meet the needs of others by creating a friendly environment that makes everyone feel comfortable and welcome.

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Event Team

The event team facilitates the food preparation and set up for appropriate church-wide events, or those events where their assistance is needed. Examples of such events include church-wide pot luck dinners, weddings, showers, monumental birthdays or anniversaries, funerals, etc.

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  • Set up/break down tables and chairs.
  • Order and prepare food.
  • Serve meals.
  • Clean the tables and kitchen once the event concludes.
  • Assist the staff with the application and approval process for events occurring at the church that are not church-sponsored.

Outreach Team

The outreach team will be responsible for the development and promotion of evangelistic and outreach ministries of the church.

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  • Work with organizations in Red Oak and the surrounding community to identify opportunities for our church to serve.
  • Plan the quarterly “Get Your Serve On” events and work with the church office so that they’re listed on the calendar.
  • Plan, organize and evaluate the church’s visitation program (in-home, visitors, hospital, etc).

Ushers Team

The Usher team will be responsible for ushering on during the service.

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  • Collect the offering
  • Assist members and visitors entering the sanctuary as they find a seat

Communications Team

The Communications team is responsible for identifying and facilitating the broadcast of information to the church body and to the community.

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  • Work with the staff to provide communication to church members about prayer requests, upcoming events, the need for volunteers, etc.
  • Identify standard methods of communication that may be used to pass on information to the church body or to individual groups.

Children's Ministry

More than anything else, we want to make sure that each child who walks through our doors is given every opportunity to come to know our Savior better. Our desire and plan are to come alongside parents, family, and caregivers as we encourage and teach our children about Jesus.

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  • Get to know the kids in your class.
  • Pray with your kids and teach them to pray.
  • Participate in the curriculum selection for your class.
  • Prepare and lead the lesson.
  • Prepare and lead any games, crafts or projects you choose that support your lesson.
  • Make sure your kids get where they need to go at the end of class.
  • Arrive early so that you’re able to greet everyone as they arrive.
  • Help adults register or check-in their children as needed.
  • For visitors, explain the schedule and classes offered to their children. Offer to find someone to show them around.
  • Direct the children to the classroom or gym as needed.
  • Arrive 10 minutes before the end of service to assist with check-out.
  • Operate the walkie-talkie to call children downstairs as their parents arrive.
  • Sunday Morning Children’s Church - Kinder through 5th grade
  • Sunday Morning Sunday School
    • Kinder through 2nd grade
    • 3rd through 5th grade
  • Sunday Evening Kids 4 Him – Kinder through 5th grade
  • Wednesday evening
    • Kinder through 2nd grade
    • 3rd through 5th grade

Student Ministry

The Student Ministry teaches, encourages and works alongside the young men and women at Eastridge and in our community. We are helping the next generation become the men and women the Lord would have them be.

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  • Organize youth events outside of normal services.
  • Drive and accompany the youth on excursions away from the church.
  • Host youth in your home, including overnight stays (Disciple Now, Lock-In, etc)
  • Travel with the youth and stay overnight at hotels and camps.
  • Teach the Bible lesson from the provided curriculum.
  • Lead activities.
  • Be welcoming to students and adults.
  • Build and maintain a positive relationship with students in and outside of the church.
  • Be present at events and activities, intentionally interacting with the students.
  • Participate in small group discussions.
  • Plan and prepare meals and snacks for fellowship times each Sunday and Wednesday Night
  • Purchase food and submit receipts to the church office for reimbursement.
  • Wash dishes and take out the trash.
  • Turn out the lights and lock up.
  • Wait with students until all have been picked up.

Adult Ministry

The adult ministry at Eastridge is here to support, lead, teach and grow with the men and women of our fellowship.

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  • Welcome members and visitors.
  • Commit to prayer and personal growth.
  • Preparation and teaching God’s Word.
  • Participate in ongoing training.
  • Guide adults through Bible study and prayer time.

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