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Scripture Reading Plan 2020

    Dec 29, 2019 | by Casey Lewis

    In order to renew our minds, we must read, pray, meditate on, and learn God's Word. In an effort to help us dig into God's Word in 2020, we are going to read Scripture together. 

    The guys over at The Bible Project have a number of excellent resources to help. They offer: 

    After you watch the introductory video, head over to their website, scroll down to the Read the Bible in One Year section, enter your email and get started.

    After you sign up for their weekly emails, download the app, open it, click on "Settings" and set yourself a daily reminder.

    My hope is that this Scripture reading plan will serve you and our church well in 2020 as we grow in our understanding of God's Word and seek to renew our minds together. As our minds are renewed, we will be transformed and able to discern God's will, what is good, acceptable, and perfect (Rom 12:2).

    Pastor Casey

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