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How are we aided in accomplishing our mission to make disciples?

Series: Captivated by Jesus

Just before Jesus ascended to heaven, He gave us — His disciples — the Great Commission. It is our job to make disciples — to win the lost and train those who believe to obey all of God’s commandments in His Word. We aren’t just supposed to make disciples in one community for a year. No, this is a command that has spanned 2,000 + years and the entire globe. It is a mission that doesn’t end until Jesus returns. It is on its face an impossible mission. How do we accomplish our mission? We don’t accomplish it on our own. We are aided in our mission. Who aids us? Why is it important we understand we are aided? How are we aided?

Speaker: Dr. Casey Lewis

June 7, 2020
John 16:1-33

Dr. Casey Lewis

Senior Pastor

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